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Delbert O'Neal

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Arrest All Politicians And Public Service Employees, Who Violate The U.S. Constitution.

Real Americans will have to do most of the work. Those who are in D.C. spent most of their time doing nothing and lying to us. We have treason with Obama, Holder, Reid, Palosi and hundreds of others. Obama is bringing more treason into America weekly and the so called right in D.C. do nothing but get paid for doing nothing. This will continue with the treason left. We have no Dem party, they are now only treason. On the right we have mostly the 'good ol' boys' or Dems playing like they are Reps. We have idiots. We have spineless, but we do not have enough Americans. Our Seals were killed with the help of D.C. Dozens of others have been killed and that is directly connected with the W.H. We have FoxNews the lying scum who covers the truth while they turn their back on Americans who went by the thousands to D.C.

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