Saturday, in secret, the state legislation of Minnesota cast the final votes to allow a WOLF HUNT in the fall. 400 majestic wolves are slated to die. With both the state assembly and the state senate calling for the blood of wolves - only one thing stands in the way of a Minnesota massacre, and that is if the governor of Minnesota refuses to sign the bill in to law! Please contact Governor Mark Dayton and tell him NOT to allow the wolf hunt to take place, NOT to sign HF 2171 into law.
Here is the link to contact the governor:
For 40 years Minnesota has had good wolf management and now, they too, are ready to jump on the wolf blood train - thanks, in part, to Representative Candace Miller (R-MN) who has been trying since last year to get a law passed to hunt wolves in all the lower 48 states! She is pandering to extreme hunting groups for votes and lobbying favors.
I realize this is inconvenient and even a bother....but just imagine what the wolves will have to endure in the fall if we do nothing. There is a great chance that the governor will not respond favorably to our requests, but we do have to howl for the wolves in any and every way we can.

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