Please pledge to contact Idaho Governor Butch Otter's office
@ 208-334-2100 (or his site - - a phone call is more effective).
Idaho's hunt season ended on June 30, 2012 BUT THE WOLVES DIDN'T GET A BREAK, OR EVEN A BREATHER.....the second wolf season began July 1, 2012! The new wolf hunt plans are to hunt wolves all year, every year! This includes shooting wolves, arrowing wolves to death, and barbaric trapping!!
According to the Idaho Department of Fish and Game, pregnant females, puppies, and even radio-collared wolves are all fair game to be killed!!
Every single inch of Idaho is open to kill wolves, except for inside national parks, national monuments, and inside city limits (wolves can be lured out of national parks with recordings and calling).

Although we will get no personal empathy from wolf-killer Governor Otter - he is a trophy hunter and member of Safari Club International, a member of the NRA, a member of the Cowboy's Association, and used to run a slaughterhouse - WE MUST ASSURE THE GOVERNOR THAT OUR TOURIST DOLLARS WILL NOT BE GOING TO HIS BACKWARD STATE UNLESS, AND UNTIL THEY ADOPT A NON-LETHAL WOLF MANAGEMENT PROGRAM!
Include that you will, under no circumstances, be a consumer of Idaho potatoes either!
Let us really do this.....let us NOT BUY IDAHO POTATOES......under any circumstances - let us not visit Idaho - let us contact our potato chip manufacturers like Frito-Lay and tell them NOT to buy Idaho potatoes......ask the fast food giants like McDonald's not to buy Idaho potatoes (you never know who make pick up the phone and be sympathetic to our cause). Ask your favorite travel agency not to promote trips to Idaho (or Montana), and give them some photographic evidence! Boycott Idaho's products and services.

FINALLY, don't expect to receive the polite receptionist you talked to when you called the governor's office of Montana.........apparently Otter's office staff is feisty and miserable........I guess his negative spirit trickles down through his staff. I have found them to be impatient and even rude! But don't let that stop you - think of the wolves!!

Many howls!!!

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