Some Top Reasons NOT to Post on Wolf-Hating Pages: 

1- Wolf-Hating pages are, ironically, gaining popularity because of our participation with posting, defending, and arguing on these pages! The very last thing we want to do is make their pages more popular! The barbarians tune in to see us get humiliated...after we present a reasonable and logical and moral post--- they respond by name-calling, labeling, and insulting us. 

2- Wolf-Hating pages will "bait" us, just like they literally bait the wolves---and when we respond to their rhetoric and inflammatory posts and photos----they cowardly report us to Facebook!! Trust me, they will relentlessly report your comments until you are suspended! 

3- Once Wolf-Hating pages know your name, link, or site, you will become a target for all time.

4- Commenting on Wolf-Hating pages will only serve to raise your blood pressure, upset you, give you heart palpitations, DISTRACT you from concentrating on strategies to actually help wolves. It will zap your valuable mental energy and your valuable time! 

5- For all of your trouble, you will accomplish nothing. As we have said, the wolf-haters are not interested in your best facts, nor in the science, nor in your best suggestions for non-lethal solutions! They will make a mockery of everything you say, and they will, without hesitation, flat out distort your thoughts and LIE, LIE, LIE TO MALIGN WOLVES!! They lie to one another continuously. 
Your sensible arguments are an 'inconvenient truth' that they will reject because you are trying to ruin the 'fun of the kill'! After all, that is what they live to do.

6- I'm sure you have observed, or at least felt the hair go up on the back of your neck, when you are in the presence of evil-----I have found that there are wolf killers who are just thoughtless followers of generational prejudice against wolves...their grandfathers hated wolves, so they do-----BUT...there is a much more sinister element among these killers----there are the top two handfuls of unadulterated, sadistic, evil leaders constantly fanning the flames of the war against wolves.....
They have the SAME mentality that it takes to steal any innocent away from our world.  These subhumans of which I speak----are very twisted and I'm sure not a leap to say psychopathic......they actually enjoy the suffering of animals, and people and beat the drum for the wolf-killing mob.

7-  Wolf killers have admitted that when they kill a wolf, they 'think about us'--even calling the wolf in the cross hairs by our names-----I'm afraid our interaction with these soul-less subhuman beings has, perhaps, brought a more brutal end for the lives of wolves.  It is not beneath the wolf-haters and dog-killers to 'personalize' their kills!!!

Let's us not let them use us - let's not play in their playground!

Many howls!!

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