Press Release

  • Update #7

Please copy and send this press release to your local newspapers (or you may use your own words if you prefer). Press Release -- Local wildlife and environmental activists will participate in a nationwide boycott of meat, and dairy for the entire month of…Read More

Update on April 30, 2013

  • Update #6

We have expanded our Great American Meat Out to include wild mustangs and burros--also exploited by the ranching industry!   Wild horses are flushed out with helicopters, rounded up and sold to animal dealers who then sell the horses and wild burros to meat…Read More

Update on April 27, 2013

  • Update #4

Are ranchers sealing the deal for free wolves to go extinct in America?  New legislation on the table right now to de-list all wolves in all lower 48 states ----  rancher endorsed and promoted!  We have to decide what kind of world we want --- man's domestic…Read More

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