Although hunting and trapping remain legal in the United States of America, deliberate torture and prolonged suffering of targeted wildlife must be illegal and punishable as a felonious act and crime against nature. Deliberate cruelty to domesticated animals is illegal -- wild animals deserve the same protection against heinous acts of cruelty. 

Examples of this cruelty is the movement among many trophy hunters to gut shoot wolves to assure a prolonged and agonizing death. These hunters/trappers have said as much on their many public forums and have even come up with a celebrated decal (highlighted in this petition). Wolves who are gut shot run off to die---death taking hours, days, or even weeks depending on many factors; it varies with each assault as to how long it takes for each victim to bleed out or die from a slow gangrenous infection. More often than not, the wolves are not tracked and the wolf hunter makes no claim about it and gets to keep his wolf tag for another day of horror. 

Bears, elk and other wildlife are subjected to deliberate spine shots from hunters in tree stands. The victims of these spine shots are many times paralyzed or partially paralyzed but they do writhe on the ground in agony and extreme fear -- while on public videos one can hear the hunters laughing and rejoicing regarding the cruel acts.

Trapped animals have been egregiously tormented and tortured prior to the 'kill shot'; even muzzled and skinned while alive, so as not to ruin the pelt.It seems that a law must be enacted to protect wild animals from the sadistic nature of some hunters and trappers who, by their actions, should lose all rights to a hunting or trapping license, and further if convicted they should be fined heavily and serve time in a federal prison.Laws must be created, be on the books, and enforced by all wildlife technicians and rangers to protect innocent wildlife from cruel, inhumane, and brutal treatment. Although laws like these are difficult to enforce, they should be on the books by all means!

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