We have an urgent situation here, here is the story

Keanu is the stray dog with a horrifying destiny. In a small town of eastern Serbia, where he was found with fractured spine, unable to move but only dragged his front legs on grass and slept under bush, occasionally received some food from the people... Last year in September when this terrible story resonated on Facebook we were all very shocked! We quickly organized, dog was transported to the Belgrade where he had a surgery – they amputated stumps of legs failed due to untreated wounds and creep along the ground (this was the only possible solution because we assume he had pulled and damaged back legs for quite time). As he was in a very poor health condition, bad blood-test results, etc, he spent a month in a temporary home where he got a health care around the clock. When he was fully recovered, he got an offer for free accommodation in one boarding house near Subotica, Serbia.

After 9 months of being in the boarding house due to certain reasons Keanu needs for a new accommodation and a person who is willing to give him the extra care he needs.

He has nowhere to go now, no shelter, no one to take care of him :/

Let's Help him find a temporary or permanent home take a pledge!

Please share!? Keano went trough a lot of things during his short life, now he deserves peace, loving and forever home.

Special dog urgently needs a special person!? <3

Thank You All!!!


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