Worked toward protecting the largest unihabited island in the world. Leverage powerful media to educate people about this distant island and generate advocay and solutions current challenges.

Sharks, the ultimate predators are suffering a slow and lingering death due to the cruel practice of finning. The animals are still alive when their fins are hacked off, their helpless bodies, thrown overboard, sink to a slow and painful death. Amazingly, the killing is happening in a National Park and World Heritage Site — Cocos Island.

Cocos is remote, too far for most Costa Ricans to visit, so we will bring the island to them. An immersive educational experience, "Virtual Cocos Island" will foster understanding and pride of their natural heritage. The virtual tour highlights elements that make this island essential to the ocean’s health. The steep cliffs emerge in a virtual dawn, we reveal rich endemic wildlife and an exciting history of piracy, before dipping beneath the waves. Now virtual explorers discover Cocos's greatest treasure, its marine life. Visitors find themselves face to face with sharks and exchange fear for respect. Our tour descends 2,000 feet beneath the surface, highlighting the value of this World Heritage Site and nurturing a desire to protect it.

Essential to this exhibit is an interactive database offering illegal fishing alternatives. Kiosks highlight the role of predators and expose the illegal finning that could destroy it all. A live video feed from the island adds to the experience. All information will be fun, accessible and educational.

Thousands of Costa Rican children and their families will enjoy the exhibit first, promoting environmental stewardship within the community. The exhibit will also tour institutions globally so thousands can enjoy the island's beauty, yet leave it pristine.

1. Create Virtual Cocos Island - High definition education production will give people a "virtual" visit to Cocos Island.

2. Most Costa Rican and world citizens will never be able to visit the island. The journey takes 36 hours and the cost is high.

3. People protect what they love and love what they know. People must know Cocos, and maintain her wildness and support no finning vigilance.

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