We are a 501(3) c non-profit organization that strives to organize programs that impact and empower young people and women of mostly African descent.

our Fight Diabetes for Free event  held in Nigeria, at the Ilasan Primary School compound Jakande, The God Bless Nigeria Church Isolo, Odo Street, Obalende and the Marywoood School, Ikeja screened about 2000-3000 people where we discovered that about a quarter were diagnosed with  Type 2 Diabetes and 2 boys with Type 1 Diabetes.

Our next project is an all white charity gala titled "Breaking the Silence"The average Nigerian woman is often silent with social and economical problems that affect her because of her gender. Women are probably often misrepresented and addressed with lesser reverence to men as a result of the perceived cultural notion that we are in a patricidal society and we have been limited to the domestic sphere (Rwomire, 2001) Research conducted at various university hospitals in Nigeria further show that mothers and young girls experiencing domestic violence, verbal abuse and other harmful assaults rarely open up either for financial reasons or fear of stigmatization by the general public. It was discovered that the mean estimate of abused women was 7 per year and physical abuse was the most common type with 71.4% of women who visited the said hospitals (C.O Aimakhu, 2004)    It is in this regard that we are planning our first women empowerment program in Lagos, Nigeria.  The goal of this project is to promote awareness on the current issues women face in modern society and the various ways they can tackle such situations. We plan on hosting a variety of social events, seminars and workshops which aim to boost self esteem, character building and to create an avenue to help and support the vulnerable and break the silence of rape and domestic abuse. 

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