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DeAngelo Dawn

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Am an 18 year sexaul assoult servivor and still am recovering from it. Am victim of domestic violence and I personally want abuse ended. I have allot of legal education and I am willing to stay and speekout for and with other crime victims as a crime victim I know how hard this is.If you been threatened by an abuser or an ex long online type your state vinelink .gov. For exsample am under police protection againest my ex. Rehabilitation and correction advocates phone numbers are on this site call a correctional institute and ask for victims services. Am proud I did! The national sexcrimes hotline is RAINN. Lorain county Rape Crisis Ohio check to be sure please? Mike DeWine Ohio attorney general and please of course always report abuse to the police first thing and same for witnesses you can be annomess.

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Faysel Abedin

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We the undersigned, strongly condemn the practices that have led to the elimination of millions of girls and women from South Asia's population, and hold the government of India accountable for failing to protect the lives of its female citizens. We further contend, on grounds of human rights, that immediate and effective action be taken by the government, through the implementation of rapid action task forces, to halt this femicide. We also insist the government officially commit to a time-line within which the associated practices of female feticide, female infanticide and dowry murders will be effectively arrested through the rigorous enforcement of existing laws and a stringent accountability on the part of India’s hospitals, government offices, and law enforcement agencies. We further urge international human rights bodies and other governments to join in this effort to persuade the government of Bangladesh, India, Thailand, including South Asia, Asia, Africa, Middle East, Europe, South America, UK and USA to acknowledge and honor the call of this petition. This implementation of international jurisdiction is very crucial in tacking the most horrific acts of offenders. Please support our cause fighting crime against humanity! Signed, Sheikh Faysel Abedin Aspiring International HR Barrister

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Theresa Rosado

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This campaign means a lot me. Over the course of the passed few years I have been doing some reasearch on abuse. There is nothing worse to me than abusing a child. Children for some reason do not have a voice. It is certainly cruel to think a person could abuse their child and then actually be forgiven. It is inconceivable to me. I don't even know where the right place is to begin. I only know that doing something is certainly better than doing nothing.

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