Who will stop abuse? Working together we all can.

Start now by taking a personal Pledge to support the Stop Abuse Campaign and our mission to stop abuse and alleviate the suffering of those involved.

Abuse is a horror so chilling our first impulse is to turn our heads, hoping that if we ignore the reality, it will go away. But this is a child's game.

Only concerned, dedicated adults can address this growing problem.  And when we do, we find that we are far from powerless to prevent abuse in all its masquerades.
Abuse can stop. Children can grow up without fear. Domestic partners can live in harmony, the dread of rape does not need to haunt women or men.  Our parents are entitled to age without feeling vulnerable to financial or physical abuse. Stopping abuse starts with igniting the right conversations and that's what the Stop Abuse Campaign does.  We ignite conversations to #stopabuse Take the pledge and join us.   A pledge that declares, "From this day forward, Abuse stops with me."  If you are one of us, with the strong will and intention to stand up to the menace of abuse, take the pledge to stop it. Thank you.
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