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One year later: What justice for Rehtaeh Parsons?

One Year Later: What justice for Rehtaeh Parsons?

A year ago in Halifax, a 17-year-old child strung herself from a bathroom doorknob, having been discharged from Halifax’s IWK Children’s Mental Heath Unit after being strip searched on suicide watch. That final indignity had been Rehtaeh Parsons’ last encounter with the Maze. Before that, a rudderless education administration had negligently…Read More

Rehtaeh Parsons still awaits justice. #stopabuse

Teen from Parsons case jailed 10 days for ‘flagrant’ breach

The Chronicle Herald
A Dartmouth Crown attorney has run out of patience with one of two young men from Eastern Passage facing child pornography charges in the Rehtaeh Parsons case. The 19-year-old was sentenced Tuesday to 10 days in jail for breaching his release conditions on another set of charges. RCMP arrested the 19-year-old Tuesday morning and charged him…Read More

What's the story with rape and Canadian universities? #stopabuse

Is there an epidemic of 'rape culture' at Canadian universities?

National Post
VANCOUVER — They are all disturbing cases. Three different Canadian universities, in different regions of the country. Episodes of male sexual aggression, and beyond that, an alleged assault. And three similar responses from the schools’ leaders, identifying each campus with “rape culture.” Coined some four decades ago, the term was not widely…Read More
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