Thank you for your interest in creating safe schools, we'll be asking for your commitment in 3 key areas: 

1.Stand Up For Safe Schools

Petition to stop corporal punishment in the 19 states where it's still in our public schools and demand safer alternatives. 

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2.Unite And Ignite Conversations

Unite and ignite conversations to drive real world change by sharing our educational and inspirational messages with at least 10 others. 

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3. Promote Safe Alternatives

Promote alternatives to corporal punishment and encourage safer schools. 

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Why do our schools need your help to be safe? 

Over 100 countries have banned corporal punishment in schools. Corporal punishment is linked to low test scores, high dropout rates, increased discipline referrals, and more. Schools must keep pace with new alternatives if we want our students to excel! 

The only way to safely regulate the use of corporal punishment in schools is to ban it. This way, schools will set a positive example while no longer being burdened by the risks of costly lawsuits or dangerous retaliation because of corporal punishment. And most importantly, no more schoolchildren will be allowed to be bullied, humiliated, discriminated against, or abused because of corporal punishment. 

The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child through its Committee on the Rights of the child has called on all member states to ban corporal punishment of children and institute education programs on positive discipline. Many experts agree that all of these actions must be taken to reduce the risks of abuse and violence, crime, mental illness, discrimination, and academic failures. It is crucial to our children's success and to our future to give them the same right as fellow human beings have to be free from physical harm and to have available a safe and effective learning environment. 

Working together we can help to provide safe schools, a better future, and an equal opportunity to excel! 

Every day, over 160,000 students skip school because of fear , school shootings are an increasing threat, and over 200,000 children a year have been paddled in our public schools. Take action now with a pledge to help give every child access to safe schools. Every pledge is another voice raising up in support of our children, our schools, and our future. United, our voices have the power to make a difference by creating safe schools! 

Thank You!,

Team Safe SchoolsStop Abuse Campaign

"Children's rights to life, survival, development, dignity and physical integrity do not stop at the door of the family home, nor do states' obligations to ensure these rights for children".- Dr. Sergio Pinheiro

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