One woman, still on the courageous journey of healing, has decided to speak out to help other women escape to safety. Read more on her…Read More

Speaking Out on the Journey Toward Empowerment

See the Triumph
  By Whitney Akers, See the Triumph Guest Blogger In discussions about domestic violence, the focus typically lies on the act of leaving an abusive relationship, but what happens after a survivor exits this cycle?  Some survivors’ journey toward empowerment entails speaking out about their experience. “I no longer see being labeled as a bad thing.…Read More

I think that women who are in abusive relationships are judged for staying. People always say," If that happened to me, I would be out of there so fast". This is not the case. Until you live this kind of abuse, you can't imagine the pain, the denial, the utter hopelessness you feel..... My abuse…Read More

I find myself powerless to do justice when I see and hear injustice all around - this is the forum wherein I may be able to contribute to the noble cause.

Violent people are just BULLY'S and BULLY'S are guttless,they pick on people to control them.

It matters to me because I have help people in the situation over many year and sat down and spoke to them and over the years have told them who can help them and that it is not okay on them but what it is doing to the children that is why I feel so strong about it.

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