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Juli Ida Hogan

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Triumph Over The Stigma Around Intimate Partner Violence

The campaign matters to me. There was a time in the 70's when this situation had no organization to help affected persons like me. I was a victim of domestic violence. Young as i was, there was no one to turn to. I found myself wandering the streets in Aberdeen Wa. with no where to turn. I had to make persistant inquiries by many visits to the e.r. in order to get help. This does not need to happen in this year of 2014. With research and knowledge at our fingertips let's get this behind us and w education stop the violence.

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Tammy Lee Dumond

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Triumph Over The Stigma Around Intimate Partner Violence

My Son was taken by DHHS in Bangor Maine I have not been allowed to see him its been 18 months I have yet to get him home I have tried to fight for him since day one I have gone as far as I can go I have petitioned the Court systems I have appealed the Judges all this plus much much more alone but I am at the point of much needed help I need a lawyer and/or a private investigator to help now my Son was a kin ship placement he is my Xs nephew I have no blood relationship to him but I didn't realize you have NO rights if not bio I Love my Son he is my bio Son to me but the state thinks if your not bio you cant Love like they are yours I have had my Son since he was 9 days old how much closer can you get then that I am BEGGING and PLEADING FOR SOME MUCH NEEDED HELP TO BRING <3 HOME PLEASE PLEASE HELP US! Thank You Tammy Dumond 207-659-9305 you can see more of my Sons tragic story on my timeline PLEASE PLEASE HELP BRING CHRISTOPHER HOME PLEASE!

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