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Catherine Toner

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Tell Pope Francis "Stop Recycling Pedophile Priests."

This world should have no hiding place for child abuse. A church of all places needs to stand up against this evil. Anyone who has a child will know the horror of the thought of someone abusing their child, any child abused will never live a normal life again. These people do not change, and should NEVER be given the chance to harm a child twice. Stop this awful cover up! Keep children safe from these people. Thank you C. Toner

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Luciana V. Suárez

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Tell Pope Francis "Stop Recycling Pedophile Priests."

All i want is a world where kids can laugh, play and live, happiness should be free for everyone (specially for them) so if a child is suffering or is being abused please help to send the pedophiles to prison, if a child is abused today is almost sure that tomorrow it will be abusive. So please, help us in this campaign, do it for the kids.

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Kristian Hampton

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Tell Pope Francis "Stop Recycling Pedophile Priests."

I was baptized Catholic but never had to endure catholic school or be subjected to the sexual abuse and torment that so many others have had to endure. My heart goes out to the those that have suffered at the hands of people in positions of trust and athority in the catholic church. The new pope Saint Francis needs to give the church a serious make over. So much of these abuse stories have been made public. There are so many victems. And these are only the ones that have come forward with their stories. Pope Francis took his name from Francis of asisi. Patron saint and protector of the animals. This is the saint i was baptised after. So Saint Francis, Pope Francis i do have faith in you. Please stop recyling pedophiles amongst your ranks in the Catholic Church.

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