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Shulandia SaluteCaseyy Baines

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Redefine Rape

Help make a change!! For your Brothers, Sisters, Mother, Father, Aunts, Uncles, or whoever because anyone can get Rapped! Help bring justice for all the victims. Help to make a change for all the victims to speak up, so they won't have to be silenced and living in fear anymore. I support this Petition because there are many people out in the world that been rapped, and afraid to speak up because they afraid that justice wouldn't be served. So now they live in fear! Let's change that around people. Why not take a minute of your life and help make a change for a good cause.

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Micia Palmer

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Redefine Rape

i was abused by three members of my step family for three years............. at the age of 11 i went to court , he got away with it because my messed up mother left it to long... i recieved $2,000 compansation for my virginity and 3 yrs of my life...........i'm 38 now and have never delt with it just ploded on, i've never met anyone who has been a victim them selves. but i tell you what it has made me a strong person so to speak . micia palmer

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