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Give Children The Right To A Safe Home

Pressure the UN to ratify the International Rights of a Child and CEDAW. The US, Somalia and Iran are the only non-signers. If you think we are in America, think again. Our government doesn't sign this treaty because it would give children rights and then our government couldn't sell the tens of thousands each year. My children were sold in Connecticut family court as are thousands of others. Same with DCF/CPS. So much money is to be made in brokering children. It's the number one money maker for lawyers here. This is a billion dollar industry financed by our federal government. If you like to learn more, help or have been victimized by our court system contact me. Thank you for this instant support! Xoxo!! Please please repost!! To understand, especially first and last stories:

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Deanne Rose Upson

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Give Children The Right To A Safe Home

My Rapist, threatened me that unless I had an abortion that he would make sure that I never saw my daughter again. He then mis-used the courts to fulfill that threat. My daughter Georgiana Rose Upson has been kidnapped and concealed for over 7 years by this Monster, who has a long history of predation on the internet for sadist-masochistic sex, long history of abusing women, and a long history of extreme domestic violence against the 3 mothers of his 5 children -- those that I know of. The first visitation that the court ordered for my baby to be with him was an unsupervised overnight visit, where upon returning home she talked of penises and boobies and other sexual references. I found evidence of her sexual assault. The court did NOTHING, and punished me and my daughter for telling the truth. The Family Court Scandal happening all over the country to about 60,000 PER YEAR makes Dylan Farrow's account extremely important. STOP ABUSE! Believe the victims and demand the judges believe them too! Speak up, speak out, and do good!

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