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Brad Dubs

This seems a bit extreme. Does she make a valid argument though?

Colorado school board member recommends “castration” for transgender kids

Katie Mcdonough
Topics: Video, transgender rights, transgender students, transgender young people, LGBT Rights, Colorado, Life News, News A Colorado school board member for the Delta County school district argued during an October meeting that transgender students shouldn’t be able to use the bathroom that corresponds to their gender identity…Read More
Stop Abuse Campaign
Stop Abuse Campaign Campaign leader

Former participant criticizes conversion therapy to heal gays. What is your experience?

Former participants speak up about Toronto gay healing program

Hamilton Spectator It's been close to 15 years since Darin Squire participated in Toronto's Living Waters program, and he's still putting his life back together. Voices from the program still linger in his mind some days, hissing at him that he's "a horrible person" for being gay, he said. The 45-year-old knows that's not true. But sometimes he…Read More
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