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Wilhelmina Vanputten

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Reduce The Number Of Abandoned Kittens.

Spay neuter love and be responsible animal owners felines are unique their elegance when they move their purrs cuddles and love and devotion always there for you when u need them education regarding full forever responsibilities must be considered regardless of what and where life's path leads you u never abandon an animal you care for them as you would your family they become ur family defend and protect them from danger abuse and harm there's nothing in the world that will ever beat the loyalty and love of your animals speak up speak out do something when u see irresponsible owners and an animal is in need even if it's not urs be human don't become inhuman if you can do these things together we can make our world a better place for us and for all animals they will always deserve their rights it's our duty to uphold protect and defend all animals rights to live in a world free from despair suffering and abuse at the hands of evil humans that show no regard for life

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Ricky Elliott

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Reduce The Number Of Abandoned Kittens.

I have only singed onto Facebook Dec/04/2012 and became aware of animal rescues and the over popolation of dogs and cats in the more populated citys. and i beleave that there are a large amount of people that are. i am going to adopt a dog from a animal rescue in an over populated city that needs a forever home and use this as a deminstration tool to inform other people.

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Katherine Mika

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Reduce The Number Of Abandoned Kittens.

People need to be responsible for their pets. Spay/neuter them to reduce the overpopulation of unwanted kittens. Don't dump them. If you have a pregnant cat it is your responsible for the litter she has. It's not easy finding good, loving, forever homes for kittens. Someone dumped a female cat at my house and although she was not mine I felt a responsibility to care for her and her kittens. I could not let them die or send them to a kill shelter. Be RESPONSIBLE and take care or your pets. Have them SPAYED/NEUTERED!!!

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