of people abandon their cats every year to fend for themselves. The motivations
behind this behavior vary from maliciousness to hopelessness. Many people feel
overwhelmed by the commitment – primarily financial – that caring for pets

an act of cruelty in some and illegal in many states, people choose to abandon
cats (and dogs) as an alternative to finding solutions to keep them in their
homes or releasing animals to a shelter. The false logic is that a shelter will
euthanize the cats, but releasing them in the wild will give them a fighting
chance at life. However, this is a fight that not many cats win.

cats immediately face a variety of grizzly dangers that will greatly shorten
their lives, including starvation, illness, cars, and wildlife attacks. They
will also be exposed to other cats, who may aggressively protect their
territory or provide an opportunity for mating. An abandoned stray can give
birth to a litter of kittens that will be feral with no socialization with
humans. After just one generation, a person who abandoned their cat has
contributed to the feral cat problem.

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