My people, I write this message to you to make a plea for your cooperation. If you watched the Ethiopia vs. Nigeria game you dont need much explanation for what am about to solicit from you. It happened that the referee decided not to reward a hard worked for and sweated at goal for the Ethiopian…Read More

We all sad.....

FIFA to add Ethiopia's lost goal in Ethiopia Vs Nigeria game

the spirit of sport is to justify the true talent and integrity of the game one shouldn't be a victim of negligence of a referee or any game official. for this reason the goal should be restore to Ethiopia and get a draw for that game.

Amde Mitiku campaign leader
This goal was denied to Ethiopia when Ethiopia and Nigeria were playing on Oct. 13, 2013 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia for the 2014 World Cup qualifier. Because of this goal Ethiopia lost to Nigeria. As you can see from the picture and from the video #2 saved the ball after…Read More

Definitely goal

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