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Fifa To Add Ethiopia's Lost Goal In Ethiopia Vs Nigeria Game

Conversation started today 3:15am Abra Bereket My people, I write this message to you to make a plea for your cooperation. If you watched the Ethiopia vs. Nigeria game you dont need much explanation for what am about to solicit from you. It happened that the referee decided not to reward a hard worked for and sweated at goal for the Ethiopian team which made lots of fans really sad, to say the least. Mitku the guy running this petition has added the little video on his "Causes" link for you to watch as you sign up the petition. Hence I dont need to rant about the happening. Yet in this day and age when the linesman and the referee make a mistake; I believe that technology can suffice to prove them wrong thus the petition to FIFA to reward the goal to Ethiopia. It was nice to hear an unbiased commentator asserting that the Ethiopia side game had more like a "Barca feel" to it. To hear that for the Waliyas from an unbiased side - unlike me - gives me the inspiration to make a relentless plea for this petition. These men worked hard for that goal only to have a referee deny it. That aint right. Please help us in voicing our plea to FIFA. Hope you will.. PS: I ALREADY SENT YOU THE LINK FOR THE PETITION THAT YOU CAN SIGN ON. THANKS AGAIN FOR TAKING THE TIME TO READ THIS AND HOPEFULLY SIGN THE PETITION. A SAD ETHIOPIAN! ACTUALLY A SAD AFRICAN!!!!

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