Thank you so much for signing the petition it means a great deal to all of Natives..

Congress and the President should be subject to the all laws same as everyone else. They should not be able to over ride laws they have passed. They should not give themselves raises, that is like an employee of a company giving themselves a raise anytime they want one.

Im sharin this pic. in memory of my mom who passed away on April 23 of this year! my moms last wish was to die at home but her wish wasnt cared out.... my father died n Jan. 1970. But my parents arent the only reason Im doin this...... its the pple. of this country. We are a nation even if some…Read More

We have let the politicians do whatever they wanted to long. It's time the people take back their Government, get rid of all the greedy b********. It supposed to be we the people for the people. Not , We the rich and powerful for the rich . They have forgotten who put them in office. We need…Read More

They are human just as we are, no better, no worse, but the same, and should not be treated any different.

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