There shouldn't even need to be an explanation as to why this should be law! As Americans themselves, Congress members should be subject to any and all laws that apply to the rest of us Americans. How can they claim to be representing "The People" when they do not even consider themselves one of us…Read More

Pure and simple Im disgusted with the way the republicans are taking hostages of the governmment. The Obama care has passed through congress and the supreme court. Now its law. You dont have to like it, but the law they passed dictates that its time to abide. I didnt vote for Obama but I've watched…Read More

yes they should do the same as every one and no more special stock for congressmen

It is time that we tell Congress,The Senate,and our tyranical dictator that we the American people are fed up with being coerced into things that do not apply to them,there families and anyone else they decide is excempt. The Constitution clearly staets that any law that is passed by Congress is a…Read More

Because " free for me, but not for thee" is no way for a free people to live.

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