end the South Korean Dog Meat Trade

We say that a dog is mans best friend. Dogs like all other animals are beautiful, intelligent, loyal ceatures that live in family groups or packs. I can understand that people have to make a living but I feel that the treatment of dogs in Korea is just unacceptable.

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Because it is WRONG on every level!!!!!!!!!

We DO NOT eat DOGS and CATS....they are our pets and part of our families!!!

This is my beautifull cookie , she was rescued .she sleeps next to me , wakes me just before my alarm every morning .follows me in to the…Read More

end the South Korean Dog Meat Trade

Vamos a ver!!!!! somos seres superiores, es decir, animales RACIONALES!!!!!! esto es una razón más que suficiente, para no permitir y abolir tal crueldad y diabolismo. Estoy más que harta que el ser humano se comporte como seres por debajo del reptil, sobre todo incluyo a los gobiernos, senadores…Read More

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