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Angela Tovey

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End The South Korean Dog Meat Trade

Please help me spread awareness with Notodogmeat to help end the horrific, brutal, uncivilsed, cruel, nasty, evil and torturous dog/cat meat trade by showing support, signing petitions, spreading awareness and whatever you can do to help stop this evil trade. Please know that this trade is spreading to other countries fast so we have to act now to end this now. If you love dogs as much as i & love their loyalty and unconditional love, then please pledge with me to help in any way you can, however small. Thank you so very much. XXX

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Mia Sāgara

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End The South Korean Dog Meat Trade

Animal abuse and torture isn't a matter of respected culture and tradition... It is a matter of choosing compassion over supporting, financing or ignoring cruelty. The laws regarding dog farming falls into a grey area in South Korea. It's entirely unregulated and although torture is illegal, many laws in Korea, as many of us living here know, are enforced very selectively.. ignoring cruelty to animals. Please read the links below to aid in your decision to help these animals and the Koreans who want this brutality to end. PLEASE help us to help these animals.

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