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End The South Korean Dog Meat Trade

Millions of dogs and cats are tortured every year for their meat, in Sout Korea. They are skinned and cooked alive. The animals try anything to get out of the boiling water. They suffer immense pain. To give the meat as much taste as possible, the poor animals are kept alive as long as possible. Dogs are stolen from their owners, or stray dogs are picked from the street. they even breed dogs for this terrible goal. You can imagine that these animals have a terrible life. Please, please, please, please sign and share this petition. Help them to open the eyes of the world. Must stop these astrocities!

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Mary Mika

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End The South Korean Dog Meat Trade

This is no different from any meat. You are all the same killers if you eat meat, dairy, fish, poultry and use animal products. To think otherwise is sheer delusion. You can't have it both ways. They ALL suffer the same. That's you doing it if you partake of any animal products. But there is a beautiful vegan option. All you have to do is make new recipes and enjoy, and sign petitions for the wretched

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