In just a few weeks, presidents, prime ministers and chancellors from around the world are heading to Northern Ireland for a BIG meeting: the G8 Summit on June 17-18, 2013.

They have a lot to deal with, but we've got to make sure two items get bumped to the top of their list: food and transparency. 

If they act on both of these issues, millions could escape poverty. This is a huge opportunity. These leaders are rarely together at the same time. 

Why food? Because Africa needs to grow and thrive –  feeding itself, lifting millions from poverty and preventing chronic malnutrition.

Why transparency? So Africans can have the information they need to call governments out on corruption. 

A few months ago, Bono made a really huge statement during his TED Talk: Extreme poverty can be virtually eliminated by 2030.

If we don't tackle those two issues now, the task to end extreme poverty by 2030 will be doubly difficult. The G8 Summit is a huge opportunity for activists to mobilize and put pressure on world leaders to keep up the momentum.

We only have until June 17-18, so we've got to act now. Add your name today.

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