King No More: The Tragic Plight of Lions in Africa

King No More: The Tragic Plight of Lions in Africa - SPIEGEL ONLINE

It's a Sunday in South Africa, and on the green lawn of the Weltevrede Lion Farm, arms reach for a white animal that could double for a cuddly stuffed animal. Visitors are being allowed to pet Lisa, an eight-week-old lion cub with unusual coloring. Lisa was two weeks old when she was taken from her mother. "To make them manageable you have to…Read More

Because I live in Africa and love the wild life here, and just do not understand idiots from overseas and even here, who somehow think this is real hunting. these are precious creatures, not trophies to be brought by the rich and stupid! Just don't get what people get out of this pure murder.


Tell USFWS to Protect African Lions Under the Endangered Species Act

They aren't going to be saved overnight but you have at least made the decision to make sure your voice be heard and that alone makes a difference in my world. Not enough people get involved in these things that affect the lives of the helpless endangered species that can't act out on there own.…Read More

This is not right its awful what you hunters do u kill a animal for nothing that poor lion died for nothing he died so u could have your picture taken with a dead lion I hope people will help these buetiful animals so they can be protected these lions have the right to live to be left alone not to…Read More

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