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Stop Bosnia Herzegovina From Implementing A Kill Law

Honestly how can anyone look at this poor animal and not be affected if it doesnt bother you and there is no emotion or compassion at all to speak up and help end this suffering then I can honestly say you are not human this country and their abominable and deplorable attitude and treatment towards their animals is pure evil and we as civilized people worldwide have to band together to end this unforgivable suffering murdering torturing acts of abuse on poor innocent animals when its their own people being totally irresponsible animal owner with no regard for life feel nothing but this situation except that animals are disposable mean nothing and have no value let alone a right to live this is totally unacceptable and with your help and support feel proud and a sense of duty by willing to be their voice we can make change ...... we cannot turn our backs on innocent animals that need our help and think to ourselves its not our problem but anywhere in this world where humans are evil and there are animals suffering it is our problem too globally untied we can make this world a better place for ourselves and all our animal friends too no one and no animal deserves to be forced to life like this its unforgivable they feel hurt grieve have souls sense and feel pain and suffering the same as we do....we must step in and be their voice

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