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Ask That 12/14 Is A Day Of Compassion

On 12/14 the world reached out to us in compassion and those who had suffered similar tragedy opened their hearts and arms, enfolding us in their love. Simple acts of kindness brightened the dark days that followed: morning coffee was "donated", strangers traveling from Texas took on custodial roles in buildings overwhelmed by the influx of those paying respect to those lost, the numerous church groups who came to offer moral and spiritual support, and the Comfort Dogs, who have found a home here in Newtown. These are the simple things that cracked the darkness- the glimmers of light that promised the coming of a new day. So it is, that on 12/14/13, we hope mark the one year observance of great loss with the compassion that was held in the hearts and action of those we lost and those who lives became forever entwined with our own through their acts of kindness. Smile at a stranger, open the door for someone, help someone load groceries in their car, buy a cup of coffee for the people in line after you at, say "Thank You" and address your cashier/sales person by name, and be sure to hug those close to you and say I Love You every chance you get.

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