Our friend Marianne DeFazio was always the vibrant, outspoken life of the party.  She found joy and happiness in everything she did and was always able to turn a bad experience into something funny.  But 2 years ago she suffered a medical tragedy when her stomach ruptured. Most patients do not survive such an event, as stomach acids destroy all of your organs - but our Miracle Marianne did!  Each time the doctors said she couldn't survive each setback or infection, there our tenacious Mare would be, fighting to prove them wrong.  

Now it's been 2 years of no stomach for Marianne.  She is dwindling down to nothing.  Her weight and health are so fragile. And there are no answers.  Doctors don't know how to treat her.  She lives on a tube that gives her nutrients, but that's not a long term solution.  We are looking for doctors who have successfully treated patients like Mare.  She is out of money and we fear that soon she'll be out of time.  They are moving Mare to a nursing home for full-time care.  The emotional strain on her and her family is overwhelming.  They are almost out of hope.

Please help us.  Of course we want to collect money to help with her bills but its so important to share this page!  Help spread the word to help us find a Miracle for Marianne!

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