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Stop the Proposed Diamond Mining between Warrenton and Windsorton, Northern Cape, South Africa

Diamond Mining in the Northern Cape is destructive to the enviroment.

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Jaco Deventer
Jaco Deventer Campaign leader

The destruction of Habitat and Eco-Systems are to common and easy to do. It is time for us, the people to stop this destruction. We can do…Read More

Diamond mine vs Eco-Tourism, please help me win this round...

Corumana's Blog
Every now and then you are facing a huge task. I just walked head first into one. If you do not understand the destruction of mining, please read the article below where we want to save our town against a greedy diamond miner. A year ago I landed up in Warrenton, Northern Cape, South Africa. I fell in love with a town that I just knew from a…Read More