Anyone ever seen 584 kids together in one place? Its a lot of kids. And that's how many kids have died from the year 1999 to the present from being left in a hot car. There are no safety measures in cars to help prevent children from dying but technology in cars is amazing, the car will beep when your headlights are left on or if your too close to a car, and  a picture will flash on the dashboard if your seatbelt isn't buckled.

Automakers need to combine the technology that's already in cars and install weight sensors in the backseats of cars (there's already in the front for seatbelts) that will cause an repetitive beeping sound if the child is not taken out within forty seconds of the car keys being taken out of the ignition. If the child isn't taken out within one minute, a loud alarm will go off.

I want to send our petition to all one hundred senators in Congress with a letter urging them to pass a bill so automakers will install this safety device.

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