Most Respected US President Nobel Laureate Mr. Barack Obama Sir,Greetings from the brand new community of citizens of One world...! And many congratulations to you that you are now poised and positioned to alter and guide world history in more powerful and profound ways than it has been possible in the last 500, 000 years!As One world citizens, it is our dream and fond wish that you remain in world history the only US president to announce loudly to One united world “Yes, in last 50 years alone, we as one species, have indeed changed, inflicted on and interfered with the planet Earth’s sensitive dynamics and equilibrium, much more than the combined changes of evolution of all forms of life in the last 500, 000 years”. I would straight make the point we MUST today and now appreciate how critically short time is still left for us to act in really extra-ordinary ways, if we are to save the planet from sure and complete destruction, which in fact could well be in our life time, much, much sooner than expected or predicted so far. I begin the beautiful notion that the solutions to the most complicated and confounding problems the world over are much, much simpler than the exceedingly simple…!But shall we act…?Respected President Obama Sir, we as world citizens are ready today and now, to rally behind you in one unison the world over, to give equality, freedom, creativity, prosperity and world peace a last and the most powerful opportunity ever to flourish in a way that history has not witnessed before. And we promise, for us world citizens, it shall always remain much simpler than the exceedingly simple.We would very much like you to ask mankind loudly why it has not been possible for us secular world citizens to turn over the pages of the Holy Quran, the Holy Bible, the Vedas, the Bhagwat Gita, the Dhammapada, the Guru Granth Sahib and Zarathushtra’s Ahura Mazda, so that we could also appreciate the profound metaphysical science hidden in these powerful Scriptures and how this spiritual science of world religions is in perfect agreement with the NASA’s findings about far away galaxies?Respected President Sir, we would like you to declare loud and in One voice of One World, that our little acts of pure good will, our little deeds of pristine innocence and our little gestures of selfless love, shall now overpower the world and rid us of the man made boundaries of the US, the UK, China, Russia, Brazil, India, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Palestine and so on…But when shall we pray and condole as One world citizens with absolute equality for the American, NATO martyrs and the brain washed suicide bombers, and their respective families, although both these groups of youths, who lost their precious lives to senseless violence, had no big reason to fight each other from the depths of their very own souls? When shall we, as one world citizens, pray and condole the deaths of children dying of hunger in Asia and Africa? Who shall deliver to the hungry children of sub-Saharan Africa, a taste of the British apple pie from the Sainsbury’s? Who shall deliver a taste of the Afghan dry fruits to the hungry unemployed youths residing in struggling European economies? When shall we pray and condole as One world citizens for the 50,000 square-kilometers of wetland forests disappearing everyday, 50 rare species of plants and animals disappearing for-ever everyday and the many thousands of square-kilometers of soil degradation by our ‘construction’ of destructive apartments and concrete urban buildings every day? When shall we learn to come to the basics of a safe and healthy survival of minimum consumption? And when shall we learn to cry for our beloved Mother Earth in One loud voice? Shall we begin with some of these activities too, whilst some life is still at hand or shall we leave it to dead posterity to bury us in life-less planet Earth, thousands of years after our extinction, wrought by our very own and unthinking consumption and plunder?So let us, as of now, forget and forgive the bygones and plan a simple meeting for equal prayer and condolence for the terrorist, the suicide bomber, the civilian victims and the military fighters, let us call them as equal martyrs in the world’s onward and unstoppable march towards perfect equality, freedom, prosperity and peace.Let us freely announce now that although today’s world continues to be essentially unjust and unequal, we are still very much born as equals, we all die as equals, according to the perfect equality, neutrality and justice of Mother Nature. And therefore, in this One condolence meeting, scientific, secular and religious followers of world peace shall gather and pray in One unison absolutely equally for the dead US, British, NATO forces, the Taliban fighters, the Afghan Army, the Pakistani Army, The Iraqi Army…, their respective civilian casualties and all of us scientists, religious followers and world citizens shall declare that the world is very seriously concerned about the tremendous suffering borne by these affected families, that we shall go to extra-ordinary lengths now to take care and protect the elderly and the children of these families.In all these initial initiatives of us world citizens and in many other upcoming and powerful gestures of pure love and true good will, we are very, very keen that you become the First US President in world history to take the lead in guiding us world citizens through this remarkably unique, upcoming process of sure and sustained healing of our ailing, aging and long suffering Mother Earth.With a lot of expectation, warmth, love and good will, we the world citizens of today, would silently and softly whisper this humble invitation into your very sensitive and receptive ears.And with a lot of hope, confidence, determination and unity all over the world, we shall follow your impeccable guidance to write a new chapter of hitherto unknown equality, freedom, peace and prosperity and with your able leadership, we shall prove that the Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter and Reddit generation of the youths of this new One world can not only dream of IT but also make IT happen, today and now….!Thanking you a lot for your unstinting and sustained support,With best wishes for a new era of unknown world peace,Dr. Kajal B Mukherjee MD FRCSSecretary General, The Mother Earth FoundationEmail [email protected] · Blog Mobile 0091-9415336920 ·, ·

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