What can we do when you have 192 nations supporting a cause and it is voted out just because one nation with Veto Power voted against it. 

This is what happens in UN now. Five powerful nations - China, France, Russia, United Kingdom & the United States, make the UN a mockery with the Powers of Veto.

The United Nations is now a Toothless Lion and like a puppet in the hands of these nations. The UNSC veto system was established in order to prohibit the UN from taking any future action directly against its principal founding members. So in effect, whatever atrocities the founding members do, no action can be taken against them as they can veto it.

As of Aug 2012 the veto standings are as follows:

China - 9, France - 18, United Kingdom - 32, US - 83 & Russia (& Former USSR)  - 128

Since 2000, US has the maximum vetoes of 21, most of these was supporting Israel.

Here are some of the motions vetoed abusing the Veto Power

  • Action against Syrian Massacre - vetoed by China & Russia
  • Resolution condemning Israeli settlement in West Bank - vetoed by United States
  • Resolution condemning the violence by the government of Zimbabwe against civilians - vetoed by China & Russia
  • Resolution on the killing by Israeli forces of several United Nations employees and the destruction of the World Food Programme (WFP) warehouse - vetoed by the United States

It's high time we civilians do something against this. Unless this cause gets lot of supporters, I don't see any action coming. However once we reach big numbers, we can hope for something.

I urge all my friends, family and everyone with a sense of justice and fairness to support me in this cause.

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