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Stop The Indiscriminate Slaughter Of Wildlife

I am concerned about those who pretend they are hunters, shooting fleeing Timberwolves in the snow where there is no shelter from the low flying planes and helicopters. Timberwolves and Bison ought to be on the Endangered List. I am also conserned with Canned Hunting. It thrives because individuals who are wealthy and want to show off animal trophies pay for the thrill of shooting exotic animals and other wildlife in a small pen. This is a thriving business and we have to do something drastic to make any changes. We may be too late. I just tell everyone I meet, even in the grocery store, about how these rich you -know -whats pay to kill tame animals in a small enclosure just to show off their den walls. Visitors will think the canned hunter actually traveled to another part of the world to shoot and Ibex or leopards. A former Vice President whose initials are RC has spent hundreds and thousands of dollars particpating in this cruel practice. I am afraid that when ever there is money to be made, situations like this will find better ways of hiding. We still have many dog fights and cockfights. In some states Cock Fighting is a misdeaner. Excuse my spelling. I do have a decent education and write stories, articles and essays about these horrible things that we humans inflict on animals. God made them first. We are here to take care of God's creatures (Noa's Ark) and yet we exploit and mistreat them so wantonly. Lesley Scott Animal Consultant, Author

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