Flying High Pet Resort is "Where All Dogs Fly First Class". It's not just a slogan, it's their MISSION. In 2008, Flying High opened with the goal of it being a place where they could make a difference in the lives of animals. They are not your normal day care, grooming and boarding facility. They strive to make your pet so comfortable and happy that their place becomes an extension of their home .You and your pet are not a number to them; you and your pet are part of their forever family.

In order to further fulfill their mission of improving the lives of animals, they also board/foster dogs rescued from the local Camarillo shelter. They feed, house and care for them free of charge . They do this with love and kindness such that they can begin to feel safe again. It is amazing to see how they blossom mentally and physically when they realize that someone loves them.

In late May of this year, FHPR's landlord informed the owner, Dawn, that they would need to move out of their current building so that he could use the space for other purposes. The idea of closing their doors breaks all of our hearts, not just for the owner and their staff, but for the extended family that has come to rely on them to love and care for their dogs. At present time, they do not have enough money to make the transition to a new location and a loan is not an option. We need your help. The dogs need your help. 

The City of Camarillo requires that they apply for a Conditional Use Permit (although they already have one) to relocate the business. The fee for the permit is $5,500.00 and requires a committee to evaluate whether their business can move to the new location they have found. This process also takes about 2 months, which is time they do not have.Please sign this petition so that the City of Camarillo understands the impact the Conditional Use Permit fee would have on this small, family owned and operated business.

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