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Make A Difference as a company, Syntek Global has been able to make a substantial difference in the lives of thousands of people. 

Since the inception of Syntek Global, the founders of the company have contemplated ways to do even more. As a company, we have a strong desire to be socially responsible, and as we continue to grow, being able to ‘give back’ to the community and to the world has become increasingly important to us.  

After careful planning and research, we have found a way for the entire Syntek Global community to ‘give back’ on a continual basis, whether during times where an urgent response is needed, or on an ongoing basis where critical needs exist. Syntek Global is proud to announce the newly formed strategic alliance with leading providers of humanitarian food supplies to countries throughout the world. These organizations work with relief organizations throughout the world to produce and deliver much needed food and supplies to children and families where hunger and starvation are prevalent. Specializing in nutritious and healthy food products, these organizations have the ability to react quickly during emergency situations, as well as on an ongoing basis to communities and countries in the most remote areas of the world. 

 Most recently, Food For Health International has shipped food to Haiti, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Ethiopia, Mozambique, and beyond. You will be able to direct your contributions to specific areas if you wish, or you can choose to participate generally to direct your contributions where shipments are already planned. As the program grows, and as urgent needs arise, the entire Syntek Family will work together to ‘make a difference’ wherever the need is most critical.As the systems are put in place to accommodate the options you will have to participate in this program, more information will be provided on the website about the organizations included in this alliance, the types of food supplies that will be sent around the globe, the many relief organizations who deliver the food, and more. 

We hope you will consider your own ability to participate in the program as your personal situation allows. We look forward to sharing with you on a regular basis the overall impact that Syntek Global is making on the world community. Not only are we doing our part to preserve and protect the environment, but we now are making a difference in providing needed food and sustenance to those with the most need all over the world.Thank you for being a part of this effort.

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