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Ashkahn Moayedi

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Raise Money For The Sydney Hudson Foundation.

I believe that our special needs children deserve every opportunity to live their lives to the fullest. Sadly, many families are ill-equipped to provide all the necessities a special needs child truly needs to live a fulfilled life. Through the Sydney Hudson Foundation, families are provided with equipment to care for their children, irreplaceable experiences including vacations and summer camps, even automobiles to help transport their children. Being able to just impact one family would be a miracle. The dozens we'll have the opportunity to impact will a feeling I look forward to experiencing.

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Julie Mitchell

Julie is gathering $1,000 to

Raise Money For The Sydney Hudson Foundation.

The story of Sydney Hudson is one where severe disabilities did not hold a little girl back. She suffered from multiple physical as well as cognitive disabilities yet had an enthusiasm for life that soars beyond what most of us who are blessed, ever display......a love for life and gratefullness for the normalities bestowed upon us. Sydney passed away on her 10th birthday. She had given her parents, Jeff and Julie Hudson so much joy in the short time they had with her. Jeff and Julie experienced so many families not able to offer the same benefits to their children with disabilities due to lack of funds and resources. The Sydney Hudson Foundation was started so children with disabilities could live their lives as normal as possible and parents could give them the means to do that. As a single parent myself raising my child, I do not know what I would have done if I was presented with a challenge such as this. Being a part of helping these children makes me realize how blessed I am. I am inspired by this cause simply because I know how much of a challenge it is to raise a normal child alone. A group of us from Wells Fargo Advisors are running the PF Chang's Marathon in honor of these children. I would be honored to have your support and donation in my endeavor to give a beautiful life to a very deserving child and the parents faced with the handicaps. Donations will go directly to families in need. 99% of all donations go straight to children all across the state of Arizona that have needs that can't be met.

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Elizabeth Lowe (Mahoney)

Elizabeth is gathering $1,000 to

Raise Money For The Sydney Hudson Foundation.

As most of you know, there are many causes that I am a champion for - and it is hard to ever pick just one. This year, I am teaming along other work associates to raise awareness and support for The Sydney Hudson Foundation. I am very excited to bring you along this journey with me. It will be my first half-marathon (well let's be honest - my first real run of any kind) - and I am hoping to not let any of you down. I have included some information regarding the foundation - I hope you see the beauty in what they are doing, as I do. My personal goal is to raise a minimum of $1,000.00. The Sydney Hudson Foundation - We are a foundation formed in honor of Sydney Jean Hudson who passed away on her 10th birthday, May 23, 2006. Sydney struggled with multiple physical as well as cognitive disabilities, but lived a full and active life. The foundation was formed by Sydney's family which afforded an unique perspective on the needs of "special families." It is our mission to promote a full life for special needs families. We aim to help provide vital services, equipment, supplies and recreational activities for special needs children. Is is our goal to help ensure not only peace of mind and security, but well being and enrichment for the family as a whole. The foundation focuses on supporting children with special needs and their families. We are here in support of families who need services or equipment that make their lives easier. In addition, we support the less often understood importance of sharing fun and recreational experience together as a family. How we can help: •Vital equipment - feeding or shower chairs, positioning equiptment •Activities and supplies - communication equipment, education games and toys, therapy balls and wedges •Recreational activities - camps, classes and recreational therapy Again - thank you for supporting me in any way you can. I hope to see you a few of you out there in January - try to catch me....before I pass out :). All my love, Elizabeth ~

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