In order to release and stop using animals as if they were attractions for our amusement and pastime as is being done with them till now and being aware of it and snatched lives that are almost, this campaign aims to collect signatures to achieve Bears release Tibetans are in cautiberio des of the 2011 in a pit stone cold Konopiště Castle, old, grungy and dirty, this being a permanent home until the day of his death where this divine soul does nothing but never stop walking, moving and dreaming of his freedom, knowing that at the same moment to stop, at that moment, it will, and will not help all by what is happening to humanity can learn and realize that this is nothing more than SLAVERY AND SPECISM!!!

People when it greets you like a loved one, as if they had always been there, but do not realize they are supporting unjustified cruelty and death in living beings who would have to be at liberty, in their natural habitat (arborea population areas of central, eastern and southern Asia, from Iran to Japan and that in the summer in the mountains of the Himalayas up to 4000 meters above sea level in the mountains of Asia), and not in a pit of a stone castle in the Czech Republic which was funded in addition to corporations who do not know, Konopiště Castle was the residence of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria which was a bloodthirsty murderer animals , coming to kill more than 300,000 animals said soon and having one of the largest collections of dead animals in his castle being exposed as trophies in every corner of the place. Something really sadistic and intolerable, and that the assassination in Sarajevo the same, the June 28, 1914, originated the First World War.

Let's help the Bears release Konopiště and make a campaign to achieve it and spread it

They deserve it, and because we have shut, we free them!!!!

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