60 Million Plus Babies Slaughtered and Sacrificed to Satan in America since the 1973 Supreme Court Decision to make human abortion legal. How many more woman and children must suffer because of human abortion? 

The abortion industry rakes in millions of dollars every year, mostly tax payer money they use to fund their genocide against the unborn persons within our society. The Abortion industry from it's infancy in the U.S. has targeted minorities for extermination. By their own admittance they do so to limit the numbers of minority people, this is racist!

Today the industry goes as far as too market and sell parts of aborted babies for profit to corporations. Lord only knows what they do with those parts, it cannot be a good thing.  

We believe the time has come to Abolish Human Abortion once and for all. We believe that there is NO reason, under any circumstances, that any child should be aborted. We believe that a person has the right to live no matter how small, or insignificant they may seem. Born or Unborn!


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