Kids in High School are required to have a certain amount of seat time (time in class) even though there are other provisions that are available. A kid can be a streight "A" student, miss one day over seat time and will be failed. If a student has surgery, but maintains their GPA they will fail if they don't meet seat time. A high school freashman will even be denied their drivers license if the passed, but didn't meet seat time. In 1967 as a senior I spent most all of my school year in the hospital (auto accident), but I passed because the school assigned me a tutor. Our grandson had multiple absences, had a tonselectomy, gallbladder removal, and other. He carries an "A" average from 1st grade. This year he completed all work, passed all tests with an "A" and was held back and denied his license because of seat time. We sat in the councilors office and discussed getting him a tutor (after 20 days). She called him out of class to avoid a break in the 20 days then turned around and filed charges against my daughter, lied in court saying we were not there and my daughter was fined $580. Seat Time is going to cause good kids to give up and quit.

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