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Personal Campaign

Richard Williams

Richard is gathering 10 signatures to

Repeal Cannabis Prohibition Worldwide

Come on,,,want me back on pills,? look what happened to wa. st. patients when marijuana was 'legalized',,, make cannabis norml, a carnation, carrot, or more like a grape - regulating when turned into wine for sale, while everyone can have tons of grapes and make their own wine -not for public sale- everyone should have tons of buds and make their own concoctions - regulating the profiteering, those who want to sell to the public can deal with the government's ATF pitbulls.. Uruguay is the place for me...

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Personal Campaign

John Gibbs

John is gathering 3,650 signatures to

Repeal Cannabis Prohibition Worldwide

Legalization will prosper all peoples in every country physically and financially. The cannabis market will prosper all peoples threw free enterprise. Governments will stop spending BILLIONS OF DOLLARS on city like prisons with a large majority being non-violent peoples with a drug habit. Freeing up much needed capital to start programs that help all peoples with their health issues or even begin small businesses that will pay taxes. This will begin to bring many Governments out of the RED and into the BLACK financially so all peoples can get the much needed help that so many need.

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Personal Campaign

Marc A. Franford

Marc A. is gathering 1,000,000 signatures to

Repeal Cannabis Prohibition Worldwide

Cannabis is probably the oldest natural herb that has been used for 1000's of years and dates back to the time of the first and second Temples in Jerusalem where it is mentioned in the Torah that Cannabis was one of the herbs put into the ketores...incence burner that the Kohen HaGadol would bring into the Holy of Holies on Yom Kippor in order to keep him safe while delivering the ceremony that gains forgiveness for the Jewish people as a whole and is quite a dangerous ceremony which many Kohen HaGadol's did not survive and had to be pulled out of the Holies of Holies by a rope that was tied around him before he entered such a holy place. Cannabis has shown great success with epilepsy, allsheimers disease, neurological disorders, cancer, inoperative tumors of the brain, it somehow teaches the cancer cells to starve themselves where by the normal cells are not affected but the cancer cells starve themselves to death...this is a great step towards the cure for all has proven helpful for most disorders that are immune related which turns out to be 99% of all was a great scandal how this marvelous organic substance and natural herb was outlawed in the USA to begin used to be our no. 2 import/export product before 1937 and then big politics and business got together and decided that it had to be outlawed along with Marijuana inorder to show the potential profit in pharmasuticals, steel, gas, oil, automotive, cotton purification instead of cannabis purification which is non poluting and actually helps to purify the air we breath and repair the ozone layer which has been damaged. G-d gave us this natural herb to help us with the diseases of yesterday and today and was the number 1 anti-biotic for 1000 years before pennicilin was discovered...and continues to help our environment as well a just about every disease out there today and G-d knows what will be tomorrow...It has been an actual crime that this wonder herb was criminalized along with marijuana...when it's medicinal properties are tremendous and it has no THC at all...CBD oil made from the seeds of the plant which has no THC in it at all....there was never any need to make it illegial to cultivate this form of cannabis as it does not have any hallucinogenic properties to it at all like marijuana has and has proven itself over the past 10 years of testing it with many diseases as a cure all for most immune based disorders of the human body. Please join our cause and sign this petition so marijuana can be decriminalized as soon as one should have to spend a minute in jail for growing...smoking...using...cultivating...cannabis of any kind today....this just does not make sense unless you are making big dollars from the steel, gas, pharmasuitical, cotton purification process, automotive industry, paper industry, tree production for their use in making paper...harming our environment....if one was to grow 50 acres of marijuana the entire earth's atmosphere would be able to repair made from cannabis instead of concrete are 10 times stronger and last 10 times can run on cannabis and have since Henry Ford built the first car to run on Cannabis back in the 1940's...but we want to rely on the Arabs oil which does nothing but pollute our world...we should be moving towards electric cars and those that run on cannabis for a completely pollution free environment. Thank you for your support, Marc A. Franford

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