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Cannabis can provide us with food, fiber, fuel and medicine.

- Sadly, William Randolph Hearst's fear of competition in the paper market in the early 1900's had Cannabis prohibited, paving the way for US lobby politics and the cotton-, pharma- and oil-industry etc..

Today, We fight wars for no reason over technically obsolete fossil fuels - killing soldiers and civilians,- and polluting and destroying our environment and natural resources all over the world.

- Cannabis has been found to promote the growth of neurons (stimulating brain growth), preventing Alzheimer's, Cancer, Diabetes etc., etc..

- Meanwhile, medical patients are suffering and dying for no other reason than laws created by greed and ignorance.

- So why not just legalize it??

There may by benefits in 'legalizing' Cannabis but be aware of the problems surrounding legalization. - Having Cannabis 'legalized' instead of a repealed prohibition is allowing the 'nanny' state to flourish..
- If you don't trust anyone with a harmless AND beneficial plant - you're either manipulated or just plain stupid - or you might be one of the greedy, ignorant investor/voters that just do what your politicians tells you..  

- If you on the other hand have realized that they have been lying about the benefits of f.ex. ‪#‎Cannabis‬ to everyone for decades to protect the capital investments of other industries,- can you really believe that they will do a 'good job' for YOU and yours in the future?? ..Then STOP BLINDLY BACKING 'LEGALIZATION' POLITICS - the profiteering lot does NOT want you to be looking after yourself - as that would leave them without an income.. 

- ‪#‎Legalization‬ is just another control measure- begging for conflict of interests and ‪#‎corruption‬ - and by that the usual monopolization and the lesser quality of produce. - short,- if you want to let Big Biz run your life, - 'Just legalize it!'.. - And with the first Cannabis strains coming from Monsanto (‪#‎GMO‬), ‪#‎homegrowing‬ essential natural ‪#‎remedies‬, food and all other naturally occurring resources is becoming a ‪#‎HumanRights‬ issue.

- We really need to start thinking about having 'tree-huggers', bloggers, activists etc. to represent us and our fundamentaly important ‪#‎environment‬- and by that indirectly our ‪#‎health‬ and ability to survive - before everything is sold off to the highest bidder. 

In order to have safe and private access to Cannabis we need ‪#‎prohibition‬hereof repealed. - We can not trust government or industry to deliver an uncurrupted product. 

Normalization, like we have seen with coffee, alcohol, tobacco etc. would be the proper solution. 

- ‪#‎Normalization‬ would leave local government in control of any taxation of sales and restrictions in public areas.  

Your ‪#‎rights‬,- personal freedom and safe access to ‪#‎essential‬ ‪#‎dietary‬, ‪#‎medicine‬, ‪#‎fuel‬ etc. is at stake. 

- You can always help yourself to help yourself,- act to repeal Cannabis prohibition - or - You legalize it,- they'll monopolize it. 

Link to Repeal Cannabis prohibition:…/38305-repeal-cannabis-prohibition-worldwide

The petition will be presented to the UN when we reach 250,000 signatures.

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