Majavu and SASCOC is causing our ASA athletes a lot of trouble!!! 

  1. A Southern Region Youth team selected for a champs that did not happen. 
  2. A team selected for the African Juniors which will now not take place. 
  3. No team for the African Senior Champs. 
  4. SA Open Champs moved around and eventually hosted by ACNW at their own cost and reduced to 1 day. 
  5. The IAAF Coaches Course programme cancelled. 
  6. The IAAF report was not submitted until someone in ASA stepped in (not Majavu) and did it - without it we lose our funding for the World Champs team. 
  7.  So we had an African youth team that was never sent attributable to the cause and effect of Ramala's actions. 
  8. Then we have the Southern Region Youth team that was announced and then immediately cancelled (Majavu tried to force a youth team into the Southern Region Senior Champs, but Botswana said that they would never have allowed a youth team to compete there due to different weights and hurdle heights, Majavu doesn't seem to know) which means that we were never able to send a youth or senior team. 
  9. And now we have the African Junior Champs that WAS CANCELLED BY THE IAAF!!!! Not by SASCOC! 
  10. But because of SASCOC's interference and attitude IAAF forced their hand with CAA and then took the meeting away from us. 
So what does this mean to the athletes?  Well a team was allready released and barely later that day we find out that due to Majava and SASCOC the meeting has been taken away and the team will either not go (IAAF is on the verge of booting is from international athletics) or will be immensely downsized.  This is the third time in three months that a sub-senior team has been prevented to participate by SASCOC.  So how many meetings did ASA send our SA athletes to this year so far? ZERO!!  Thanks Majava and SASCOC we didn't have a team for the;
  • African Youth Champs, 
  • Southern Region Youth Champs, 
  • Southern Region Senior Champs, 
  • African Junior Champs and 
  • African Senior Champs. 
That's five meetings that we were either booted out of or didn't choose a team. And now the world youth champs is close by and there hasn't been a team released for that yet??? 

How many more athletes must suffer and leave before SASCOC realises that they are doing us damage!!!

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