The world must be aware of the massacres in het public shelter of Craiova !! Many innocent dogs and pups are being killed by the butcher-vet, Ionel Avram who also castrates dogs without anesthetics !!  The mayor,  Lia Olguta Vasilescu, tries to keep people away from the shelter so her 'butcher' can continue the slaughtering !   THIS MUST STOP AND THE MAYOR AND HER PROTECTED 'VET' MUST GO !!  PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITON TO LET THEM KNOW THE WORLD IS WATCHING AND WANTS THESE MASSACRES TO STOP RIGHT NOW !!!

And some of the bodies of the pups/dogs they killed are thrown away like garbage in the fields !!!!!!/photo.php?fbid=4336904600028&set=a.4336904520026.1073741854.1809762176&type=3&theater

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