Incentive to increase jobs cineProyecto industry seeks to attract more productions that hire local technicians By Rebecca Banuchi /  rebecca.banuchi @ A new tax incentive for the film industry would favor the productions that hire local talent could reconcile the differences between members of the sector over a law passed late last four years, which promotes the hiring of foreign technicians above residing in Puerto Rico.Al evaluate Senate Bill 365, which seeks to repeal the said statute, Senator popular Antonio Fas Alzamora, chairman of the Committee on Tourism, Culture, Recreation and Sport, and Globalization, presented a proposal to grant tax credits to those production houses to develop "projects with local elements" in the proposed incentive island.The increase so tiered based on the amount of local participation fílmico.A containing the project as an example, Fas Alzamora said the profit could rise to 80% in tax credits if history underlying the production occurs in Puerto Rico, and if hired several professionals as production designer, the writer of the script, the publisher or the composer of the soundtrack of the film in Puerto Rico residents. He warned that the idea is subject to change in the percentage of incentive and job classifications to be included as "local elements". "This is just an idea that we will be working. It requires the participation of all, sit at a table, to find a position that favors the industry in general, always protecting our local talent, "said Fas Alzamora to finish off public view with the participation of government agencies and other professionals national film industry. "concept has been welcomed and do not see how anyone can be opposed in that it aims to protect Puerto Rican talent in all capacities film. This is a fairly conciliatory proposal. I am hopeful and it is subject to suffer some form of amendments, but I think that is conciliatory both sides, "said Faz Alzamora.El bill under discussion seeks to repeal Act 304 of 2012, which granted to 20% of incentive tax on the cost of hiring foreign talent positions as camera assistants, stagehands, costume designers, sound engineers between trabajadores.Ese other statute amended Act 27 of 2011, which grants the same incentive for payments to be issued to non-resident talent as directors, actors, writers and producers, plus a 40% tax credit on the amount paid on production costs. The law of 2012 remains found to the members of the industry as the local technicians have rejected the legislation on the grounds that privileges the foreign talent detrimental país.Mientras professionals, producers and Development Corporation of the Arts, Science and Industry Cinematography support their stay on the grounds that promotes foreign capital investment and increase the global competitiveness of the island in this fierce industry.

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