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Please sign this petition to demand world protection for all animals of our world. Some times we are very quit to judge other cultures and get all upset when we see that some cultures eat dogs and cats. It is very important not to judge other cultures by our own standards because it is totally unfair to that particular cultures. Even though, the killing of dogs and cats is it very painful for us westerners, we need to understand that the life of a cat or a dog it is not more important than the life of a chicken, a cow, a pig, a horse, a turkey a fish...etc. The only way we can end animal cruelty is by becoming Vegan. So lets set an example to other cultures by becoming VEGAN!

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100,000 Signatures No To Dog Meat Global Petition

Dogs and cats are pets and make millions of people happy-we use cats and dogs for improving the feelings of people that went through some hard times. Just like when your in the hospital, they bring cats or dogs into the hospital to lift the spirets of people, and going back hundreds of years , we never ate dogs or cats, they were allways pets.and going back all the way to my child hood, we had a dog or cat as a pet and it was allways like that before i was born..So this needs to stop, and we need to stop this as soon as posible.and make a law that if you are caught killing any cat or dog, you should get a ten year jail sentance. il

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